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What types of visa are available?

You can find out which types of visa you are eligible for by pressing the button Apply for eVisa, and answering three simple questions about your nationality, purpose of visit, and current place of residence.

All persons who wish to enter Bahrain need a visa except citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates).

Visas for the Kingdom of Bahrain are classified according to several different characteristics:

  • Purpose of visit
  • Sponsorship requirement
  • "Standard" or "eVisa"
  • Multiple or single entry
  • Place of issue

These concepts are explained below:

Purpose This is the reason you have for needing a visa (eg. general tourism, business, work, visit family, etc).

Sponsorship Most visas for Bahrain must be sponsored (ie. obtained for you by a Bahrain company, hotel, or travel agent, etc). Unsponsored visas exist, but only for certain nationality groups, and certain purposes.

Standard or eVisa Some visas are "standard" because they are visible in the passport as a stamp or label. The term "eVisa" is used to refer to a visa where there is no visible stamp or label. In this case the visa is electronic, and the validity of the visa will be recognised at the border when you enter Bahrain. An example of this is the Visit eVisa, which is an electronic visa which can be obtained from this site.

Multiple/single This determines the number of visits you may make. Most visas are single entry, but multiple entry visas exist for certain nationality groups.

Place of issue Some visas are available on arrival in Bahrain, but otherwise visas must be pre-arranged, either through a sponsor, or an embassy.

All visas require you to pay a fee for the initial grant, and then for subsequent extensions (if any extension is permitted).

Each type of visa has its own set of conditions. These are rules which govern whether or not it can be granted in a given case, and whether or not entry will be granted once you arrive in Bahrain. There are also conditions of use, which determine the maximum length of your stay, and advise you what is lawful activity for a holder of the visa in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

All visas have a validity period. This is the period of time during which the visa can be used for travel to Bahrain. If it is not used within this period, the visa expires, and you must obtain a new one.

This site carries full information about the whole range of visas for Bahrain (not just those which can be obtained on the Internet).

You can find this information by pressing the button Apply for eVisa, and providing your nationality, purpose for visit, and current place of residence.

What is the process of obtaining a visa?